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Hey, Folks welcome to my blog Tech Blogger Harsh. We always go through ups and downs in our life and we always ask ourselves, these few questions. Those are:-

Who Am I?

Who am I, am I a soul?

How to Discover Yourself?

If you also ask similar questions then, You have landed in the right place. Today you will get to know about Who am I?, Who am I am, I a soul? or How to Discover Yourself?

Let’s start with:-

Who am I?


So, you might be thinking of why I have uploaded this picture of a lighted candle.
well just look it from my perspective. Don’t you feel like we are a source of energy like a Point of light?

You all have heard this before that energy neither be created nor be destroyed. Same we say about soul that it take body like a clothes and change its clothes when its old like we use to change our clothes when it gets dirty or old.

So just like us, our soul also changes its clothes in form of body. It goes from one body to another body.


So don’t you think we are a soul. This body is just another cloth for us.
And the soul is nothing just a point source of light.

That’s why we feel the energy in our minds when we pray or when we connect to god. That’s why we put or hands-on our head in between 2 eyes because our Soul Lies theirs.

So who am I?

A Point source of light (Soul)

Who am I am, I a soul?


Have you ever though how beautiful our life was if we knew this before because I have thought like that. I was always taking care of my body. I never took care of my soul which really matters.

What I mean by that? I mean that I feed the soul with toxicity, Negativity, anger, and whatnot. For the body, we do many things and that is we do exercise, eat healthily, and do regular medical checkups.

Do you think that Who am I am, I a soul? If yes then its time to charge your soul up and get things done right for it. Because in the end its what matters, your body will be burnt or it will be buried but you take everything in this soul.

You will take carry everything in your soul to next birth and take new cloth i.e just another body.

So what do for our soul?


What you need to do is just sit back and relax for a while and lose all your worries and just remember god in which you believe.

so we all day do our stuff and struggle to live. I know that we just can’t leave our things in one day but we can definitely take some time every day out of our schedule to feed our soul right things so that we don’t surround by negativity

  • Ignore Negative thoughts

We all live in various states of mind right from the moment we awake to the moment we sleep. So what we need to take care of is we avoid maximum negative thoughts.

Reason being is when we think of any negative though it drain out energy 10x times.

If you don’t believe me you can try a small experiment and that is:

Next day when you wake up start your day with negative energy or a negative thought like I am not gonna survive, Its too difficult or start with anger.

Day after this when you wake up start your day with a positive thought and that is I am a successful person, I am gonna succeed today or Just read or head something positive or motivational.

You will find that when you start your day with some motivational dose then you will have a better day full of energy and when you start your day with not a motivational dose or we can say that with a negative mind set your day will go very heavy and you will fell drain out.

Discover yourself

When it comes to us sometimes we make worst decision for us. Do you know why?

Because we don’t know our self. Right after we take a birth we get to guide or we get a mindset that yes these much are your capabilities you can do this much only you can;t go beyond this.

Due to this from our childhood itself, we don’t make the extra effort and we live which we see around us. so have you ever notice why rich get richer and poor get poorer because poor never develop a rich mindset and rich never develop a poor mindset.

Before you start you should have a likewise mindset to succeed.

Do we have any barrier? No, we don’t have any barrier. Who am I am? Soul.

It’s all in our mind. If we get to control it then we can easily master anything.or we can do anything because all barriers are in our mind itself. Their is no physical barrier.

Things You can do to Discover Yourself

  • Give time to Discover yourself

Always give a few minutes to yourself every day and ask who am I am? , Why am I here. we do work all day long and just keep hustling for a better life which is not at all wrong but sidewise we should spare some ME TIME and thing about us. what we are doing? Am I suppose to be here? and all that related to it.

You will find the answer to many problems and most important you will find inner peace and you will start enjoying your own company and your happiness no longer be dependent on anybody else.

Biggest Mistake which we do !!

We give our control to society or someone else. They can control our mood, emotions, and mind. This is the biggest mistake we make.

We should never ever give our remote control to anyone otherwise they can destroy you or sometimes make you a better version of yourself.

Always believe and ask Who am I am? | Discover yourself

Never ever let anyone control who you are. Otherwise, you can’t lead your life as you want. Who am I am? I am a soul. No one can control my mood, emotions, and feelings.

Last but not least to sum up this whole blog about who am I? who am I am, I a soul and Discover yourself?

  • Do meditate
  • Discover yourself
  • constantly ask Who am I am, I a soul?
  • Feed Good to your soul.
  • Give time to discover yourself
  • Never Give your control to anyone.

I wish you have a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.

I hope you loved our article about Who am I am, I a soul | Discover Yourself. For any suggestion write to us. Kindly share our post.
Thank you so much for your love and support.

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