When I Look At You

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When I look at you,

My heart skips a beat,

My legs go concrete,

I enter a dream…

Where you’re with me,

Walking down the street,

Your hand in my hand,

The one I’ll never leave

Not in the wildest dreams,

I’ll think of leaving you

‘Cause you make my world

And I just can’t  forget you.

When you look at me,

I know, you know me,

I know, you want me too,

And I know you’d believe.

I know, you feel the same,

So why make it late,

And tell each other,

That, “I will love you too”,

Make my dream come true,

That is all that I need,

Your hand in my hand,

The one I’ll never leave.

Author’s Note: Love at first sight (When I Look At You)…reality or just something that has been romanticized by books and movies? One can’t say for sure until one experiences it first-hand. But we all have, haven’t we? That flow of electricity through the veins when those eyes first met yours; those endless, restless nights dreaming about those eyes and then hoping day upon day to get one more look at them.

All that fantasizing even when the possibility of it happening in real life is as dim as the new moon. And yet, the heart can’t help itself; it wants what it wants. I hope through this poem you felt that electricity, that restlessness, that love, and that hope. So, sit back, close your eyes, and think about those eyes one more time and fill yourself with love, one more time.

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