What I See In Your Eyes

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They speak for you,

The truth or the lie.

They don’t hide a thing,

Show how much you cry,

I’ve already read them,

You’re feelings won’t hide.

Speak them out,

Don’t brush them aside.

Don’t close them,

Don’t act blind.

Because I know,

My memories were never left behind.

I still see them,

In your eyes.

Your love for me,

Burning so bright.

The past you still relish.

In spite,

Of me gone so long, never to come back,

You still hope everything will be alright,

You and me,

Hand in hand, side by side,

But nothing will be the same again

I am now somebody else’s and you no more have right.

Author’s Note: Sometimes, all you want to do is move on and in your honest opinion you think you do. But when you happen to revisit some old memories, accidentally or intentionally, like looking at their sad eyes from a distance again, you don’t feel so sure maybe. One look into those eyes and you can fathom as well as feel the same pain again; those feelings and memories come rushing back in a second.

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