The Light of My Life

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Baby, you’re the light of my life,

When you’re gone just darkness resides,

And when you’re here I know where to go,

Yet I always wanna stay by your side.

Without you, I’m afraid like a child,

You tell me what is wrong and what’s right,

‘Cause baby you’re the light of my life.

Everything was gone from my life,

Everything excepting my plight,

Then you came along and gave sight,

Becoming the light of my life.

And all I know is that you’re mine,

My lover and forever guide,

Baby, you’re the light of my life.

– Darshana Mehta

Author’s Note: In the hot summer month of May in a single-bed hostel room in Kota (Rajasthan), sat a bespectacled teenager, a JEE aspirant, to pen down a poem. It was her sweet sixteen and love was in the air. She had had a few crushes before, but it was the first time someone had loved her back. You know that feeling, right? First love…a flood of feelings. Your first love might not be your true love, but it is special. Dedicate this poem to your first love, the one you fell for when you were sixteen and going on seventeen, the one who lit up your life.

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Sharing is caring!

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