The Goddess of My Heart

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I open my heart in front of you,

And ask you, “What do you see?”

You say, “There’s a girl smiling down,

That looks just like me!”

So why do you fear,

You live in my heart, dear,

My heart’s your temple, you’re the goddess,

Whom I worship year by year.

I don’t believe in God, but I believe in you,

‘Cause you believe in me too.

You are already more than what I deserve,

In my heart, I’ll keep you preserved.

People say finding God is difficult,

But look, she lives right in here,

The Goddess of my heart,

Whom I worship year by year.

Author’s Note: No matter how many people you meet, like, or even love, there will always be this one person that you will always keep gravitating back to. This person lives in the most inner and the most sacred recesses of your heart; your god or goddess, whom you pay homage to regularly and especially in times of distress. They are the anchor that holds you down when the harsh winds of reality want to blow you away. So, dedicate this piece to them (obviously not openly, just read it out to their image in your heart) and let them know how much they mean to you.

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