Ray of Happiness


When dark clouds surround me, When thunder tries to scare me, When there is no hope left to see, I shut my eyes and think of thee. Rays of happiness streak through my mind, Making me hazy, almost blind, What thunder and what dark clouds? I can fight anything now, no doubt! Author’s Note: Every once in a while, in everyone’s life, there comes a time when they do not see any hope for themselves. It could be a failed exam, a job rejection, or a general dissatisfaction with one’s life. But you also know what and how you can come out of it; you know what can immediately lighten your mood; that ray of sunshine, that ray of happiness. I hope you loved our article. For any suggestion write to us. Kindly share our post.Thank you so much for your love and support. To Read More : www.wildhorseblog.wordpress.com