The Truth


Wait!  Look around. It could be anywhere, Wearing a mask, In a shroud. Watch your step! It could be waiting for you, Wishing, All your nightmares, Come true. Look back! It could be following, Ready to resurrect, The corpses of, Your past doing. Don’t make a noise! If it hears it, It will follow you, Haunt you, To your grave pit. Be careful! If it finds you, It will torture you, Slowly, steadily, Until it hollows you. Beware! Because once when, You find out what it is, The burden, Will kill you. Author’s Note: As many wise men have said that whatever one does to cover it up, the truth somehow always finds a way out; no matter what the situation. And until then the truth will haunt you and be your daily nightmare. The torture and darkness could consume any strong head. So, the truth, however bitter must be … Read more