The Truth


Wait!  Look around. It could be anywhere, Wearing a mask, In a shroud. Watch your step! It could be waiting for you, Wishing, All your nightmares, Come true. Look back! It could be following, Ready to resurrect, The corpses of, Your past doing. Don’t make a noise! If it hears it, It will follow you, Haunt you, To your grave pit. Be careful! If it finds you, It will torture you, Slowly, steadily, Until it hollows you. Beware! Because once when, You find out what it is, The burden, Will kill you. Author’s Note: As many wise men have said that whatever one does to cover it up, the truth somehow always finds a way out; no matter what the situation. And until then the truth will haunt you and be your daily nightmare. The torture and darkness could consume any strong head. So, the truth, however bitter must be … Read more

Ray of Happiness


When dark clouds surround me, When thunder tries to scare me, When there is no hope left to see, I shut my eyes and think of thee. Rays of happiness streak through my mind, Making me hazy, almost blind, What thunder and what dark clouds? I can fight anything now, no doubt! Author’s Note: Every once in a while, in everyone’s life, there comes a time when they do not see any hope for themselves. It could be a failed exam, a job rejection, or a general dissatisfaction with one’s life. But you also know what and how you can come out of it; you know what can immediately lighten your mood; that ray of sunshine, that ray of happiness. I hope you loved our article. For any suggestion write to us. Kindly share our post.Thank you so much for your love and support. To Read More :

The Goddess of My Heart


No matter how many people you meet, like, or even love, there will always be this one person that you will always keep gravitating back to. This person lives in the most inner and the most sacred recesses of your heart; your god or goddess, whom you pay homage to regularly and especially in times of distress.

When I Look At You

when i look at you

Love at first sight…reality or just something that has been romanticized by books and movies? One can’t say for sure until one experiences it first-hand. But we all have, haven’t we? That flow of electricity through the veins when those eyes first met yours; those endless, restless nights dreaming about those eyes and then hoping day upon day to get one more look at them.

The Light of My Life


You know that feeling, right? First love…a flood of feelings. Your first love might not be your true love, but it is special. Dedicate this poem to your first love, the one you fell for when you were sixteen and going on seventeen, the one who lit up your life.

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